Where is the horse

The story

The story takes place in Montréal (Québec) at the beginning of the 20th century when the horse carriage was replaced by the electric streetcar (tramway). At that time, a worldwide renown hockey player of the Montréal Canadians named Maurice Richard nicknamed “The Rocket” was building his legacy. The disappearance of the horse carriage surprised people since they never saw a vehicle move so fast without horses to pull it ! Thus leading them to look under the tramway and asking “Where is the horse!?”.
Indeed, the first tramway to operate in Montréal on September 21st 1892 was called The Rocket. In reference to this tramway Maurice Richard inherited of his nickname “The Rocket” evoking his impressive speed on the ice.
Where is the horse is an analogy to this story and to our history. It reflects the relationship between the ever rapidly evolving modern technologies and returning to simplicity, nature, to our roots and to essential ways of living. It is a tribute to the natural strength of nature (represented by the horse) before the arrival of the horsepower of modern machines. The question “Where is the horse ?” is thus an invitation to slow down, take the time to meet each other, reconnect with mother nature and heal ourselves by revisiting the fundamental values of what it means to be human.

What is the horse ?

The horse represents a bridge between the ever rapidly evolving modern technologies and the calling to reconnect with the natural elements and the foundations of what it means to be human. It is a journey around the world to heal ourselves. It is an ongoing reflective and creative process. It is about sharing inspiring stories, cultures of the world, traditions, sacred rituals and conscious ways of living with our environment. It is discovering universal patterns. It is an experience through images, sounds and words.

The journey in 4 parts

We symbolically left in an old gas consuming 1980 camper van to gradually change along the way for vehicles using natural “environment friendly” energy. This process represents the incarnation of our quest to find the horse and to reconnect WITH the natural elements. A life journey in four parts :

Part 1 : Ruby :

Representing the transformation of the destructive fire (endless consumption of industrial “modern” society) to the sacred fire that cures

Part 2 : Solvei (Sailboat) :

Representing the reconnexion with the elements of water and wind

Part 3 : Horses :

Representing the healing process to reconnect with our mother earth and asking for forgiveness for all the damage done to her

Part 4 : Our own legs :

Representing the ultimate re-connection with our first and most important vehicle in this reality : our body and our mother earth