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The Journeyman

The Journeyman is a short Documentary portrait on an ancient German tradition that still lives today. While traditions are getting erased by mainstream culture and capitalism, we find it important to share alternative media in order to maintain awareness our ancestral knowledge. When we first met Marius, we thought he was a kind of pirate because of his traditional outfit. When he started to explain this journey, we felt inspired by it and felt like making a movie. He refused at first, saying that he doesn’t support social media…Couple weeks later, after seeing our lifestyle on the sailboat and our project, he changed his mind and accepted that we make a movie on this traditional journey.


Inspiring story of man who undertook a healing path. He simply lives in nature with the elements (water, air, fire, earth and plants). After a near death experience in a car accident, he completely changes his life.


« Sayachapis, years of struggles to survive. So powerful a message so courageous of Sayachapis to share his story of survival as a 1st Nations person. Forced into a residential school for 1st Nations, he learned hard labor, starvation, rape, strapping, bones breaking and unimaginable horrors imprinted in his brain. Ten years he was called 52. Surviving the school was one thing, what about after? Prisons, hospitals, discrimination and rejection. He survived and now today, 30 years on his healing journey he looks back. I’m still alive and still O.K. »


Keith Plumbley - Tribute to mother nature

This short documentary is about an inspiring man’s love for mother nature and it’s artistic incarnation in his wood carving. Close to first nations, he tells us how nature healed him.

SANDY FEET (Lucinda Wierenga)

Sandy Feet is a sand castle artist and an environmental activist. We portrait her inspiring views of life though words and music in this short documentary.


Documentary portrait in which the founder of the café called “l’innocent” shares his inspiring values and views of life and how he developed his restaurant using a sustainable philosophy encouraging local producers.


Traditional food making in Mexico

Tribute to communities of women

These women are keeping alive their communities in their every day actions, taking care of their families while sharing time and laughter together

Dia de los muertos (Tepoztlan)

The Day of the Dead is a traditional celebration of prehispanic origin to honor the deceased. This festivity occurs on November 1st and 2nd. During these days, the Mexicans honour their dead ancestors by offering them different things while following a specific ritual. In the process, the cherished souls can visit their family, friends and house and enjoy their favourite goodies.

Pokemon Go Own them all for real

A satire analogy of Pokemon Go, the “augmented reality” game application currently being massively dowloaded worldwide.

Ana, will you marry me?

So Where is the horse got hired to surprise Ana 🙂

Ludo Y Tikaroa

Inspiring young man living on a boat making fishing flies

Maurice Meijer

Travel poetry is soothing for the soul’s need of freedom

Freedom is like

One day I wanted something badly… I stood up and went for it 🙂


Corn is central in the Mexican food culture and was first cultivated by the indigenous people of Mexico over 100 centuries ago. Here is a short tribute to maiz, the golden gift of mother nature.

Nicole Heaslewood contemporary hoop flow

Nicole is a key person is this journey in America as she sold us Ruby (our Van). Thank you again our Queen!